Having Moyamoya Disease in Silicon Valley

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We came to the US from Japan in 2001.  We live in Sunnyvale, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley.  Sunnyvale is located about 40 miles south of San Francisco.

In October, 2004, my son (Kota) turned out to have Moyamoya disease when he was 9 years old

Although it has been nearly 50 years since the disease was first reported, it is still a kind of mysterious disease.  Actually, a number of websites with regard to this disease have been emerging in recent years.  However, since it is not publicly recognized enough, many people may still be suffering from somehow strange symptoms.

I (Cotadad) thought it could lead to the diagnosis of new patients who had similar problems if I wrote about Kotafs case here upon his consent Also, it could be nice information sharing for patients and their family members.

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Kota's Story



After diagnosis



The first surgery

About the hospital

After the first surgery

The second surgery

Return to school!

Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to Kota!

Following-up exams

MM reunion around Stanford